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//:Lazyness [Oct. 3rd, 2007|12:03 am]
[Music |Sia - Breathe Me]

I'm dousing myself in schoolwork. It's a little more than frustrating, as my actual interest in a lot of the material we're covering is marginal. Engineering? I really just want to design cool shit. 
Yea I realize engineering is a huge part of design, but on a more technical level. I like the median: architecture. 


Maybe I'll use this as an academic journal. And I don't even care how lame this is, because it's who I am. 

I'm a university student with an attraction to the design world and am actively working towards this goal. 

My desired average this year? A- 
Yea seriously. 
No B's, thanks. 

I'm way to smart for that. 

hahahaha of course, right now I'm not studying, sleeping or doing anything productive, and of course I have uncompleted work that really should be finished soon, like right now . 

ya I should go to sleep.