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errr [Jan. 13th, 2008|07:31 pm]

oh right... forgot this existed. Maybe if this blog/journal/whatever had an actual purpose I'd be a little more active in maintaining it.

The reason I was reminded of its presence was because this account sent a birthday reminder to my inbox. Only 2 more days until I'm 19 years old. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT! I'm actually going to grow old one day, is mostly what that brings to mind. Yep I'll be 50 sometime (if everything goes according to plan) 

but anyways that isn't what I wanted to talk about.
For the longest time I've had the idea of creating my own brand identity, but never actually moved forward on it. I've painted some of my shoes and people seem to like that stuff, and really I want to take it a step forward and start selling stuff. I actually promised myself that this summer I'm saying "fuck you" to the service industry and never working in a service type job ever again. Yea lick my hairy cornhole disgrunteled customers and bosses with half the brain capacity as me. My fucking last boss was YOUNGER THAN ME! And I'm 18. Just because you're born into the family owning the company doesn't mean you've got the skills to run it. Needless to say I had issues with having to report to a 16 year old. 

SO what does that entail? Well I need to work... and I need to start thinking of ideas of shit to sell otherwise I'll be going back on my promise. My summer starts in about 3 months, and with a full schedule of classes along with trying to organize my brand I should not have much extra time for my boyfriend or others, which, admitedly, doesn't bother me that much. (k... sick, my farts smell like brocolli. Yes you needed to know that)

With a year of engineering under my belt by that time (fuckin rights) I might be able to get a job related to that and make hella scrill, but I don't really wanna do that quite yet. I know whatever I'd be doing wouldn't be all that enthralling, soo I need to get my act together and design a dope website I guess!

so for anyone that reads this (yea right) I'll try to not forget about this and maybe thrown in some updates on how my entrapaneurship (sp? is that even a word? w/e) is going