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day 14 [Jan. 29th, 2008|09:32 pm]
make it work work make it work.

I'm feeling like an athlete again, even though I'm not specifically training for anything.
Today, 5 min hard on erg, 30 min stairmaster. Stairmaster was 300 C and erg would be around 60, so that's 360 C burned.
The stairmaster KILLED me! I am not used to using that machine, so it's great that I'm utilizing different muscle groups.

I still could be better on my eating, but even though it's not all healthy my calories for the day were ~1300. I figure since I'm now working out 6 days/week I should be eating more calories, but again, they need to be healthier.

ok gotta shower and do math homework.
Oh, and show you this:


edit:WOW I'M SORE ALREADY. oh boy it's been only 2 hours and my muscles are already stiff