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:// [Feb. 16th, 2008|01:20 pm]
I'm not sure if I'm able to say I've fallen off the bandwagon since that implies some sort of addiction, and I don't consider my terrible habits an addiction necessarily, but I've deffinitly stopped most efforts of bettering my lifestyle.

ugh, good job laine.

Really, I want to do this*. I don't know why I sabotage myself and ease back into my old ways but it always seems to happen.

I'm going to be persistant though, I know this already. I just need to set a date for beginning again.

Through all the icky stuff I stick in my body I have been working out regularly which is good, and I've noticed has greatly improved my mood and energy levels, but that's no excuse to eat crap. I've brought this up before.

well tonight is not the night to start. It's the first night of my reading break! No class for a whoole week. I think after this week I'll start being serious again, since my dads birthday is on the 20th and I want to enjoy this break as much as possible (not saying that I need food to enjoy myself, just that I don't want to worry about anything this coming week)