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so long first year [Apr. 12th, 2008|04:32 pm]

So a little out of the ordinary, as I tend not to write much about my personal life, but I have to explain the amazing events of yesterday.

It was the last day of classes and although no actual class time was had (except for poking my head into a physics class and leaving seeing that the majority of people weren't there either) there was lots, and lots, of crazy unpredicted excellent adventures rivaling those of Bill and Ted.

The day started off with a beach kegger well worth the 100 or so odd steps of decent to the actual beach area, with a surprisingly large turnout for it being 9AM. Smart people brought pitchers to fill up since no cups were provided, but I made due with my still rather large plastic cup. After that we made a trip to the liquor store which conveniently opens at 10AM to fill up with supplies for the rest of the day, and met up with some more friends and headed back to our dorm. The next few hours consisted of lots of socializing, lots of boozing, lots of laughs, and one person already done for the day. A huuuge concert with stars, most serene republic and I forget who else was the next item on the docket, and with my resourceful-ness I made it to the very front of the pit once we got there. The lead singer of stars stopped the music TWICE, once because he just wasn't feeling the weird mosh pit of gross guys that was going on and ripped them a new hole. I think he told them all to suck each others dicks and get it over with, while complimenting all the ladies in the front just listening to the music (ay thank you). The second time it was because some idiot threw an empty mickey onstage, which provoked him to storm off stage only to come back 5 minutes later and preach a little about love. Sensitive dude.

After the concert we trekked back to our dorms again, and then I met dylan. Ohh boy. Any guy that can wear a pea coat with skinny cords and look damn good has my heart. While dancing/singing to spice girls we all decided to head back to the beach, but it took awhile for that plan to actually get going. So the steps and I were reunited once again, this time in the dark, and we were greated with three bonfires so, clearly, went to go check the scene at each. The first had some seriously uninterested foreign students, the second some crazy hippy homeless people and the last some seriously chill students rockin on bongos, plus an old dude with no pants.
Oh ya, I forgot to mention it's a nude beach.
hahaha the image of his balls just sorta creepin out from the bottom of his shirt will never leave me.

So we stayed there for a bit, then came up with the brilliant idea to star gaze outside my building. perrrrfect. Some snuggles ensued, along with blanket coveting and theft, but it proved to be the foray into a really really hot makeout sesh with dylan. He stayed the night but didn't manage to break my iron will, meaning we didn't have sex, despite his best efforts (which were almost convincing enough).

The whole day was memorable, I wouldn't have wanted to end my first year at university any other way.